RIL International Ltd.
About us

RIL International Ltd. is one of the professional suppliers for chemicals in wide range.Since our foundation in 2004,we’ve been working dynamically to supply prime quality products by our prompt response for all clients.And we’ve been keeping longterm stable relationship with many prime factories in China.


Now our main products are mainly going into four catagories:

1) Basic Chemicas: we have  stable supply of Caustic Soda,Sodium Sulphide,Soda Ash,Calcium Carbide,Sodium Hydrosulfite,Sodium Sulphate Anhy etc.

2) Surfactants: Cationic Surfactants(such as Quaternary Ammonium Chloride),Anionic Surfactants and Amphoteric Surfactants

3) Chemicals for water treatment: we’ve been supplying TCCA,SDIC,Calcium Hypochlorite etc,which are used widely in water treatment.

4) Additives: we supply additives for food,pharma and industrial usage.


As our name shows,Rising,Innovation & Liberality is our company philosophy all the time.We never stop our efforts on providing more and better choices for customers.And it’s also our sincere hope to grow up together with you based on our longterm cooperation.

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