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Cyanuric Acid

Formula: C3H3N3O3

CAS No.108-80-5

Hazard Class :5.1
Packing Group: III

Appearance : Powder,granular or tablet.




cyanuric acid

98.5% min


0.5% max

Ph value of 1% solution

4.0 min

Ignition residue

0.1 max


25ppm max


0.5% max


Packing: 1) in 25kg or 50kg bag.

         2) in 25kg or 50kgfiber drum

         3) in 25kg or 50kg plastic drum.

         Also can be packed according to user’s requirement.

Usage:Used in the manufacture of cyanuric acid bromide, chloride, bromide, chloride, iodine chloride and cyanuric acid salts, esters, mainly used for the synthesis of a new type of sterilization disinfectant, water treatment agent, bleach, chloride, bromide, antioxidants, paint coating, selective herbicides and metal cyanide moderator, also can be directly used as pool chlorine stabilizer, nylon, plastic, polyester flame retardants and cosmetics additive, the synthesis of special resin, etc.

Storage and transportation:tored in ventilated, dry place, drench, fire prevention, moisture-proof, waterproof, prevent common transportation tool.

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