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Calcium propionate

Name of commodity : Calcium propionate


CAS No. 4075-81-4

CODE :29155090





White crystalline powder

PH (1:10 aqueous solution)


Assay (dry basis),%


Insoluble Substances,%


Water (by KF),%


Fluoride (as F), ppm


Magnesium(as MgO)

Passed test

Lead , ppm


Uses:for bread; Pastry and cheese preservation agent and feed mould inhibitor. As a food preservative agent of propionic acid salt, calcium propionate is mainly used in bread, because the ph of the sodium propionate make bread rise, delay the fermentation; Because the pastry multi-purpose sodium propionate, pastry bulk using composite leavening agent, no pH rise developmental problems caused by yeast. As a feed preservation agent, the effect of sodium propionate is better than that of calcium propionate. But stable than sodium propionate calcium propionate. Propionic acid salt in food except for bread; Pastry. Cheese thereof, can also be used for soy sauce mouldproof, inhibition of fermentation. In medicine, propionate can be made into powder; Solution and ointment treatment of skin disease caused by parasitic fungus.

Packing: 25kgbags or drums. 

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